Water ionizer aQuator Silver

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With the Ionizer "aQuator Silver" you can quickly and easily produce ionized water according to your specifications (catholyte and anolyte).
Characteristics of the device:
1. Set the parameters in the pH analyzer and the device prepares the water for you with these parameters, the redox potential of the produced ionized water always meets the specific pH parameter. The values ​​of the redox potential are taken from the table in the instructions.
2. The device can produce not only ionized, but also silver water.
3. All information is displayed on the LCD screen in Russian or German.
4. The LEDs indicate the operating mode.
5. At the end of the preparation time, the unit is switched off automatically.
6. At the same time you can prepare 2.15 liters of the catholyte and 0.75 liters of the anolyte when the dark electrode is placed in a small container.
7. You can make 2.15 liters of the ionized sour solution and 0.75 liters of the ionized alkaline water when a bright electrode is placed in a small container.
8. You can make 2.9 liters of silver water in a few seconds. Simply set the silver electrode and do not forget to remove the inner container.
The water ionizer "Aschbach 02" is compact, safe, convenient, economical, reliable and easy to use. It is especially suitable for families and people who appreciate their time.
The device is certified and patented in Russia, Germany, Ukraine.
You set the desired parameters from the pH value, and the device makes it for you automatically.

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