Ionized water

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Ionized water. How it differs from the ordinary water?
The two values count: pH and Redox potential (ORP).
What shows the pH value?
The pH value shows the particular quality of a product –the acidity or alkalinity.

- Alkalis have a pH above 7
- Acids have a pH below 7
- Neutral products have a pH = 7

As our blood has a pH within the boundaries of 7,35 -7,45, so for humans it is very important to drink water with an alkaline pH every day.
This water has a healing effect and it helps to resist the oxidation of the organism and to avoid diseases which are accompanied by oxidation.

What shows the Redox potential value (ORP)?
The Redox potential (ORP) value shows the particular quality of a product – whether it’s an oxidant or an antioxidant.
If any product - for example water, is saturated with electrons and is ready to give off them, it is an antioxidant. ORP is measured in millivolts with the help of special devices: Redox testers. A high positive value of hundreds of MB mean that such water is not only "not willing to" give off electrons, but it takes them away when is ingested into the organism. This process contributes to the formation of free radicals and it is also the cause for many serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, etc.
Conversely, a negative ORP value means that getting into our organism such a water itself donates electrons.
Water with a low negative ORP value and alkaline pH value has obviously therapeutic properties and is recommended for daily use.
Solutions with high pH and ORP value, in both directions (ie, a solution with an acidic pH and a high positive ORP - anolyte, and a solution with an alkaline pH and high negative ORP - catholyte) are used to treat various diseases. It is also important for the treatment of various diseases to use complexes of microelements. Anolyte (popularly known as "acid water") has a pronounced antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-edematous effect. It is able to remove inflammation, cleanse and heal wounds, ulcers (internal and external), remove the swelling and itching.
Catholyte (popularly known as "alkaline water"). It has antioxidant, immune-stimulating properties, it regenerates damaged tissues, removes toxins, improves blood circulation and normalizes metabolism.