Buy water ionizers

Currently there are two different methods to make ionized water:

  • - with an ionizer, which uses low voltage electricity for electrolysis of water (fully automatic water ionizers);
  • - with precious minerals, which enrich and ennoble the water with negative ions ( minerals based water ionizers).

Fully automatic water ionizers

During electrolysis the water molecules are decomposed into positively and negatively charged ions. The positively charged ions , including chlorine and derivatives of them, as well as the oxygen radicals move to the anode region of the electrolysis device and can be used for disinfection purposes. In the cathode regions that leads to cluster of molecules with an excess of electrons  in an aqueous solution. This water is a source of free electrons. The water from cathode region has a negative(reduced) potential ,because electrons are electrically negatively charged. The low negative ORP(oxidation-reduction potential) of this water is a clear indication of a sufficient quantity of free elections for an antioxidant effect.

Furthermore, the water possesses in the cathode region a basic pH value, the minerals in ionized form and is relieved of chlorine. With fully automatic water ionizers can be produced plus and minus water solutions with predefined and desired pH values and ORP(oxidation-reduction potential).

Mineral based water ionizers

In filters based on precious minerals the ionization process works the other way. This filter ionizer contains high-quality activated carbon, which absorbs chlorineundesirable or noxious coloring, flavoring and odorous substances from water. Other filters can also make it. 

A special in the work of filter based on precious minerals is precious mineral tourmaline. After special processimg under high pressure tourmaline enriches the water with ions, which have a negative potential. The water from filter ionizer gets a reduced ORP and a basic pH value.

So you can make ionized water with nature power of minerals.