Ionized water from mineral springs

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It has always maintained that ionized water with negative or reduced redox potential not often found in nature.

Three years ago, only four thermal springs with these characteristics were known worldwide.

One of these sources is located in Germany, in the Sauerland Nordenau. The three other sources with the same water feature are in the Japanese city of Hita, in Tracote in Mexico and in Hunsawater Hunsaland (Pakistan).

In studies of these sources, it was discovered that the water from these natural sources, a large number of free electrons is replaced. As these electrons are negatively charged, this naturally ionized water has a negative, reducing redox potential and a basic pH.

My own measurements lately have surprising results: there are not only these four thermal springs with negative redox potential - the number of mineral springs seems to be much higher. Among them are such famous mineral springs as Bad Füssing in Germany, Karlsbad in the Czech Republic and Truskavets in Ukraine.

But negative redox potential also has a special feature - it disappears from the water within 24 hours.

This fact answers the question: why drink people a healing water directly from the mineral spring, a curative action unfolds, while water from the same source, but filled and stored in bottles, has this healing effect only to a lesser extent. This phenomenon know many people and were astonished: "In Baden-Baden (Karlsbad etc.) a healing water helped me, but if i buy the same water in the shop and drink at home, it has no effect."

Therefore, we can assume that the healing effect of natural mineral water can not be explained solely by the unique ingredients. There must be another factor, a characteristic of water that changes obviously. Here in particular are the electrochemical properties of the water in the foreground.

You can try it yourself.

The redox potential as well as the pH of each liquid can be measured. An inexpensive way to do it provide pocket gauges available with us in online store (ORP and pH tester).

Measure the ORP value of their tap water or water from mineral spring in your neighborhood. If you have no luck with their water from mineral spring and your  water does not have a negative redox potential, you can try different methods: Fill a glass with tap water. This water will show them a positive redox potential of +180 to +280 mV. in this water dissolve an effervescent tablet, by a very well known antioxidant - vitamin C. You will see that the water in the glass will show a reducing or negative redox potential. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C by a negative redox potential are shown.
Please note: After a storage time of about 24 hours the negative ORP evaporates.